Become a mentor for one of West Virginia's next outstanding teachers!

There is no substitute for experience.  The Underwood-Smith Teaching Scholar Mentor Program is driven by a group of committed and enthusiastic mentors who are practicing professionals in their respective teaching fields and who provide unique and valued opportunities for future teachers.

The primary goal of the Underwood-Smith Teaching Scholar Mentor Program (USTSMP) is to engage, excite, and provide continued mentoring and support for students who have chosen to pursue a program of study leading to teaching certification in a high need teaching field in West Virginia.

As an informal program, the USTSMP does not mandate a fixed curriculum or formally measure the students’ mastery of a knowledge or skills. Rather, mentors provide guidance and support as the Scholar advances through the teaching preparation program and into the first years of teaching in the public school. Mentors meaningfully engage students throughout their college journey and introduce them to the world of teaching through informal conversation, personal example, explanation, and opportunities to visit their school classrooms.

The two primary goals for the Underwood-Smith Teaching Scholars Mentor Program are:

Create a large, diverse, well-prepared group of teachers to meet the high-demand needs of West Virginia.
Assist, guide, and encourage students as they proceed along their career preparation pathway and into a teaching career in West Virginia.
The mentor professional is clearly passionate about what they teach, they often make significant contributions to their school community and serve as a role model , trusted friend, and career advisor to the Underwood-Smith Scholar. The right mix of knowledge, passion, and rapport make a great mentor. The dedicated mentor is someone who connects with the student in a way that demonstrates a sincere desire to help and a commitment to make a difference can be a valuable, positive supporter of the teacher candidate.