WVSAM is the new student portal to submit applications* for state financial aid, check the status of your application, ask questions, upload documents, and view your award information.

Click the button below to create or log in to your WVSAM account. (Only the student should create an account under the student’s name and information.)

After creating your WVSAM account, you will be sent an email with a link to log in. Check your junk/spam folder too!

Before completing an application, you must update (and complete) your contact information by clicking your name in the My Contact Information section after logging into your account.

Grant permission for us to discuss your application and more with others. Click your name under My Contact Information hit Update My Contact Information. Hit Next until you get to the Parent/Guardian/Other Contact Information then enter contact information for up to two persons you want to be able to discuss your account.

*You must create a WVSAM Account to apply for HEAPS Workforce and Underwood-Smith Teacher Loan Forgiveness and can monitor the progress of those applications as well as Underwood-Smith Teaching Scholars applications. To apply for all other programs, click Programs at the top of this page, navigate to the program name and click Apply Now.
*October 1, 2022, applications through WVSAM will launch for Promise Scholarship, WV STEM, and WV Invests.