Financial Aid Office Resources

State Aid Program Manuals

Promise Scholarship Program Manual

West Virginia Higher Education Grant Program Manual

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Manuals for West Virginia Invests Grant, WV STEM Scholarship, Underwood-Smith Teaching Scholars Program

State Aid Processing Resources

State Aid Appeals

State Aid Appeals Guideupdate coming soon

Web site to send students to for various state aid appeal forms:

Appeal to Waive Academic Progress Requirement (WVHEG) – coming soon in airSlate!

Appeal to Waive Full-Time Enrollment Requirement (Promise, Underwood-Smith, WVHEG, WV STEM): www.collegeforwv.com/dpcappeal

Appeal to Waive Half-Time Enrollment Requirement (WV Invests): www.collegeforwv.com/investsappeal

Promise Scholarship Credit Hour Requirement Appeal (Promise): www.collegeforwv.com/promiseappeal

Residency Appeals for State Financial Aid Eligiblity (HEAPS, WVHEG, WV Invests): www.collegeforwv.com/residency

State Aid Trainings

Find copies of state aid training presentations here for up to 12 months after the training event.

State Level Financial Aid Training PowerPoint PDF April 23, 2024

State Level Financial Aid Training PowerPoint PDF October 12, 2023

Other Resources

CFWV Resources – Various publications and toolkits

West Virginia Emergency Grant Program for 2024-2025 academic year